NCPacks4Patriots Protocols and Procedures
December 1, 2014 at 12:57pm
NCPacks4Patriots 149E Third St Ayden NC 28513 email:

Mission Statement:
We are a nonprofit organization formed withthe mission to support troops and their family members by providing care andcomfort items and expressions of appreciation for their service and sacrifices.
Servicesand procedures:
Pre-deployment: Troops are welcome to arrange to pick upitems to pack and take with them. Items include: hygiene, recreation, libraries,and items for a chaplains café (coffee pots, toaster oven, crock pots,recreation items, etc.), snacks and magazines for flights, etc. Items maychange due to available donations.
Deployment: Troops can request care packagesby sending an email to us at we recommend a POC for each squad or platoonto communicate with us, send requests and needs, and distribute items.Information that we need include: number of troops POC will be serving,males/females, and approximate end date. We understand and follow OPSECguidelines and troop information is never released outside our team. Weappreciate the POC keeping us informed of any address changes.
Troops at home: Support for events with doorprizes, snacks. Items also can be picked up to take to field trainings, etc.(wipes, hygiene, snacks)
Family support: Morale type items to use fordoor prizes for events. FRGs are also welcome to schedule a care packagepacking party at our center. Members are advised of items that we need, andthose items will be pooled with donations at our center for the packages.Children are welcome. FRG may take the packages to send, or we may mail. MostFRGS will conduct fundraisers to assist with postage costs.
Events: We often attend events to set updisplays, meet our troops and give out items. Please feel free to contact us tosee if we can attend.

In order to pick up items, we need aletter/memo from the commander authorizing the person to represent the unit’sneeds and pick up the items, the number of troops being served, and the reasonfor the request (troop support, family support, welcome home, etc). Email arequest for an appointment to Pickups are made onTuesday or Thursday from 1100-1700, or Saturday 0900-1200. In case of an urgentsituation or emergency, pickups may be made at other times.
An inventory is made and entered into recordof items received.
We try to ensure that resources are wiselyused and donations given to the most appropriate source. We team with otherorganizations, and make referrals to those organization to try to ensure thatall needs are met.
Our team is composed of volunteers whoappreciate the service of our military members and want to show the support ofa grateful nation. We serve all 5 branches of our military. Sometimes items arelimited so someone may get something that another unit does not. We appreciatea professional and respectful attitude toward our team and donors.
We request that donations are not to be soldby the troops or families receiving items. If you do not want or need theitems, we ask that you politely decline the gifts. We also appreciate thesupport of the command team in monitoring any sales of the items and actionstaken accordingly.
Our donors enjoy receiving thank you notes,certificates and photos of troops enjoying their donations. If you would liketo say thank you, we can provide the names of addresses of the businesses whohave donated the items for you.
Wewelcome you to come visit our location, meet our donors and volunteers, andreceive items for your troops.


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